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Finally I stumble accross a community that is devoted to lesser fandoms. And by lesser I do not mean lesser quality, but lesser quantity!

Its nice to know that I'm not the only one to find certain animes appealing and its also nice to know that not everyone follows the same trends that seem to be smooshed down our throats at every turn.

Before I start my pimpage, I'm a little curious as to what animes fellow comm memebers are currently watching and will forever love:

Here are my top ten fave underappreciated series: (you can expect some major pimpage from any of them, I'm sure)

1. Decendants of Darkness
2. Vampire Hunter D
3. Samurai 7
4. Najica Blitz Tactics
5. Pretear
6. Black Jack
7. Paranoia Agent (yes, I know this one was on Adult Swim for a time and the info page states that those on Adult Swim aren't really underappreciated, but I have yet to find more then one active comm for this totally awesome and, in my opinion, completely underrated series)
8. Canidate for Godess (another adult swim reject, sadly)
9. Darkside Blues
10. Angel Sanctuary

Also, are we allowed to plug underappreciated/underrated manga too?
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