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Now, this girl is L33T.

(26 episodes, drama/action, dark sometimes disturbing themes)

this anime is about assassins and their dark pasts, but the thing here is that girls are the main stars. (it didn't devolve into a tacky show servicing fanboys and i was already too happy from that.) Mireille, a successful assassin stationed in France gets a mysterious e-mail from a Japanese girl asking her to go on a "pilgrimage to the past". Mireille decides to ignore it until a haunting tune attached to the e-mail plays music that reminds her of traumatic scenes from her childhood. she goes to Japan and meets Kirika who turns out to be a skilled young assassin herself but has lost her memory. Kirika seeks her help to find out who she is. Mireille agrees with the condition that she will kill her (for knowing her identity i suppose) once everything becomes clear.

this anime is... amazing. amazing for how well done it is. a really elegant and impressive piece of work the Japanese have come up with. it was a dead serious, no nonsense kind of show that was pieced together so well, everything fell into place and made sense. by the time you'd realize that, the show has won you over. the tone may be as dull and blank as the protagonists' (and antagonists) faces, or dark during critical times, the pace slow, but most of the time you'll be catching your breath from being awed at the slick action sequences and stylish gun fights (not to mention the major plot twist and climax). at one point my insides were pleading, "make her eyes go back! make her eyes go back!" i was that affected ^^= (Episode 6: Lost Kitten tore my heart completely, out of the blue...)

PS. the music (the ED put me in trances more than once) is in a league of its own too.
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