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Lawls. Yes, it's me again. You remember me, Aelita? I pimped out Monster by Naoki Urasawa last time, today I have an anime called Read or Die for you all. (It's often shortened to R.O.D, even in the manga title, but for coherancy, I will be calling it Read or Die.)

Yomiko Readman loves books. She loves books so much that she gained the ability to control paper with her MIND just so she could recover a rare book.

... I shit you all not.

Yomiko Readman is The Paper - a secret member of the special operations divison of the library of England.

.. It's a very diffacult series to explain. Just go read/watch it already!

Though note - The manga has a different plotline then the anime. Yomiko only appears in the OVA of the anime, not the anime itself.

If you're intrigued, then check here []!
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