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"Victorian Romance Emma"

This is such a great idea for a community! ^.^ I hope it's all right that I just jump right in and pimp something...

..and just because I love it to smithereens, I'd like to pimp Victorian Romance Emma (or "Eikoku Koi Monogatari Ema") please!

(Lovely spoilery screencaps from some of the 12 episodes here; rather sparsely populated but still very enthusiastic LJ comm at emma_fan. Excellent almost-complete scanlations, done by iichan before the manga was licensed in the US by CMX, here.)

A sweet little romance set in Victorian England between a housemaid named Emma and a wealthy upper-class gentleman named William, defended bravely against the restrictions of class differences and social convention--that's basically it. Against the odds, two young and innocent people dare to fall in love.

Though the story itself may seem plain, it's the details that bring it all wonderfully to life, and the overall effect--well, at least on me--is utterly endearing. Everything is deliciously understated, but no less attractive. The art in the anime and especially in the manga by Kaoru Mori is beautiful. The music in the anime, by Kunihiko Ryo who also made the music for Twelve Kingdoms, is also quite special! The characterization is rich, not just for the main characters but even for the supporting cast. In just 12 anime episodes and (more vividly) in 52 manga chapters, you really get to see Wills and Emma grow as persons and as lovers, and discover just how and why those around them respond to this daring relationship.

Recommended to those who appreciate a good, well-paced, sedate (but never boring), and subtly rich romantic series that never uses histrionics to worm its way into one's heart. ^.^

If anyone wants any more information on Emma, please go right ahead and contact me! ^.^
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