Coin-Operated Girl <3 (temarichan) wrote in under_anime,
Coin-Operated Girl <3

I'm new here and I come with a anime called Avenger. I found that it literally has no fans. Under the cut with pictures. 

It's hard to describe really without giving too much away, because it's only 13 episodes (I'm not sure if there's a manga or not) 
Basically it's about a girl named Layla Ashley who lives on Mars, where no children have been born for a long time. Dolls have now replaced the children that were never born. Her goal is to kill Volk, one of the founders of Mars. It's very mysterious to the very end, and has a touch of dark themes. It's definately not for those who are looking for humor (if it's humor you want, check out Keroro Gunsou, Da Capo, or He is My Master). 

The only stuff I've found on it really have been some pretty hard criticism. I guess it's just what you're into. : D

I'm not sure if you can find any downloads of it online (due to the utter lack of fans), but it's pretty cheap at Best Buy. 

Picture time! 


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