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Makoto Shinkai

i'm one of his biggest followers right now, i vowed to collect and watch every single one of his projects. he is just too amazing, and he deserves a lot more credit than the little attention he's receiving now.

some of the people who do recognize him consider him as "the next Miyazaki". as much as i'm a loyal fan of the master himself, in terms of art i would dare say that Shinkai surpasses Hayao Miyazaki on that level.

see for yourself.
i have no doubt this video clip will leave you nothing short of breathless...

5 Centimeters Per Second .:25MB

he singlehandedly made a brilliant award-winning very moving 25-minute piece (Voices of a Distant Star) a few years ago. two years ago he made a full-feature length film (Beyond the Clouds, A Place Promised in our Early Days) boasting astounding animation which was also received very well. this is his latest project.

(Visit the official site @
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