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technically more NEW than anything at the moment

But, hey, a new anime is under-appreciated, right? ;) Plus I'm guessing that it's never going to get a US release or, if it does, it's going to be one of those "put it on the shelf and see if anyone buys it" animes, like Nightwalker was.

...Here's the pimp:

Black Blood Brothers

EEE!!! I am a happy, happy girl. The anime lineup was looking to be pretty lame this year. I mean, Death Note is cool and has wonderful coloring,'s not better than the manga. D. Gray-man is pretty, with great voice acting but compared to its manga, it's a dungheap.

So, yeah. I was rather depressed with the lineup. It just wasn't GOOD. Any of it. There was one, however, that I hadn't even really bothered to give a chance. I was like "another vampire anime? Feh."

Last week, however, I made the decision that I might as well venture, having gained nothing insofar, and watched it.

It. Is. Awesome. Cute and sweet and wonderful and funny and dramatic and angsty and...wheeee!

Smart, strong chicks, adorable genki kids, a bishie of epic proportions, a gay dude with pink hair. Big swords. A killer hat. A tiny ancient vampire that is utterly fangirlable.

Also, some random panty shots and hentai-ish moments, but nothing that really is unforgivable.

It's awesome.

So, yes. Pimpage. WATCH Black Blood Brothers. Now. It's on Youtube. Search for it. It's WONDERFUL.

So far, the only place it has lost points with me is for a few scenes where I can't quite tell whether it's taking itself seriously or not.
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