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Zombie Loan

Perhaps more new anime than under-appreciated, but I know plenty of bad anime that have had bigger followings at episode 3 than Zombie Loan has at episode 9. And I consider ZL on the other end of the scale from bad.

For instance, Zombie Loan has prettiness, angst, hot grim reapers, bishonen zombies, and reasonably competent women.

What more could you want?

If you do want more: It also has handcuffs, guns, swords and zombie-slaying.

MORE?! Alright, how do insane doctors, debtors and exchangable right hands sound?

The anime is up to episode 9, and is an interesting, fun watch with crack moments, gasp moments, ow moments, eww moments and awww moments. And more than a few eyebrow-raising slashy moments, if you're into those and looking for them.

Watch. You might like it. And it's on Veoh, so what do you have to lose other than some time better spent getting vitamin D from the sun?
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