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Mahou Shoujotai Arisu

Mahou Shoujotai Arisu
- vintage: 2004-05 -
This show was a virtual unknown, but it's quality of production, sound, and story deserve much more attention that it previously was given. Produced by Studio 4°C, each episode is broken down into a 9 minute segment, of which there are 40 in total

The show is 100% CG, and syle-wise, has often been compared to 'Noein Mō Hitori no Kimi e'. But more than that, using an extremely unorthodox method, they actually recorded the voice actor's dialogue, music, and sound effects first, and then later animated the show based around how it sounded. Using this approach, the characters and scenery are unusually vivid, emotive, and fluid.

The story focuses around the protaganist, Alice, a tomboyish girl obsessed with witchcraft and magic. She carries around a mysterious tome that she claims is a 'magical book', given to her by her father. During a fight at school with two boys over the book, she slips and falls off the edge of the building. Mysteriously, she finds herself transported to 'the magic world', a world paralel to the human world, populated by witches. Delighted, she quickly discovers that things are not quite as happy as she thought they would be, and instead finds a dying world seperated by gender and ruled by paranoia. The book she posesses is in fact a powerful sacred artifact, containing magic that could save or damn the world. Disatisfied with the way things are going, she drags together a group of misfit witches and sets about to change the world.

I didn't think this show would bring very much to the table, but I was thankfully proven very wrong. This show is definitely a departure from standard anime. while posessing a cliche plot device, the final execution and story is much more poignant than you yould normally think, at a hell of alot darker than it's cheary exterior would lead you to believe. The unusual running time of each episode also factors into this, since each episode is so short. It's definitely worth a viewing/download.

::Episodes 1 & 2::

- official website -
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