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Pimp an Underappreciated Anime

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Mahou Shoujotai Arisu [02 Sep 2007|04:32am]

Mahou Shoujotai Arisu
- vintage: 2004-05 -
This show was a virtual unknown, but it's quality of production, sound, and story deserve much more attention that it previously was given. Produced by Studio 4°C, each episode is broken down into a 9 minute segment, of which there are 40 in total

The show is 100% CG, and syle-wise, has often been compared to 'Noein Mō Hitori no Kimi e'. But more than that, using an extremely unorthodox method, they actually recorded the voice actor's dialogue, music, and sound effects first, and then later animated the show based around how it sounded. Using this approach, the characters and scenery are unusually vivid, emotive, and fluid.

The story focuses around the protaganist, Alice, a tomboyish girl obsessed with witchcraft and magic. She carries around a mysterious tome that she claims is a 'magical book', given to her by her father. During a fight at school with two boys over the book, she slips and falls off the edge of the building. Mysteriously, she finds herself transported to 'the magic world', a world paralel to the human world, populated by witches. Delighted, she quickly discovers that things are not quite as happy as she thought they would be, and instead finds a dying world seperated by gender and ruled by paranoia. The book she posesses is in fact a powerful sacred artifact, containing magic that could save or damn the world. Disatisfied with the way things are going, she drags together a group of misfit witches and sets about to change the world.

I didn't think this show would bring very much to the table, but I was thankfully proven very wrong. This show is definitely a departure from standard anime. while posessing a cliche plot device, the final execution and story is much more poignant than you yould normally think, at a hell of alot darker than it's cheary exterior would lead you to believe. The unusual running time of each episode also factors into this, since each episode is so short. It's definitely worth a viewing/download.

::Episodes 1 & 2::

- official website -
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Zombie Loan [02 Sep 2007|12:30am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Perhaps more new anime than under-appreciated, but I know plenty of bad anime that have had bigger followings at episode 3 than Zombie Loan has at episode 9. And I consider ZL on the other end of the scale from bad.

For instance, Zombie Loan has prettiness, angst, hot grim reapers, bishonen zombies, and reasonably competent women.

What more could you want?

If you do want more: It also has handcuffs, guns, swords and zombie-slaying.

MORE?! Alright, how do insane doctors, debtors and exchangable right hands sound?

The anime is up to episode 9, and is an interesting, fun watch with crack moments, gasp moments, ow moments, eww moments and awww moments. And more than a few eyebrow-raising slashy moments, if you're into those and looking for them.

Watch. You might like it. And it's on Veoh, so what do you have to lose other than some time better spent getting vitamin D from the sun?

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Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni [10 Jul 2007|12:32pm]

(I confess, I'm a fairly new Higurashi fan myself, so if I get anything wrong, I'm sorry)
Higurashi is popular enough to have its own LJ community and section on FF.Net... But there are still too little fans! I understand that the series might make some people a bit squeamish (Anyone who has seen Higurashi knows what I'm talking about), but come ON! There may be some spoilers.
Under a fake cut since this is gonna take awhileCollapse )
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12 Kingdoms [16 Mar 2007|08:07pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any more episodes that have been made or are going to be made for twelve kingdoms - after the tenth dvd or A Great Distance in the Wind, The Sky at Dawn.

Just wondering because it really leaves things unanswered, like what happens to everyone. It just sorta stops...


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technically more NEW than anything at the moment [30 Oct 2006|09:19am]

[ mood | enthralled ]

But, hey, a new anime is under-appreciated, right? ;) Plus I'm guessing that it's never going to get a US release or, if it does, it's going to be one of those "put it on the shelf and see if anyone buys it" animes, like Nightwalker was.

...Here's the pimp:

Black Blood Brothers

EEE!!! I am a happy, happy girl. The anime lineup was looking to be pretty lame this year. I mean, Death Note is cool and has wonderful coloring, but...it's not better than the manga. D. Gray-man is pretty, with great voice acting but compared to its manga, it's a dungheap.

So, yeah. I was rather depressed with the lineup. It just wasn't GOOD. Any of it. There was one, however, that I hadn't even really bothered to give a chance. I was like "another vampire anime? Feh."

Last week, however, I made the decision that I might as well venture, having gained nothing insofar, and watched it.

It. Is. Awesome. Cute and sweet and wonderful and funny and dramatic and angsty and...wheeee!

Smart, strong chicks, adorable genki kids, a bishie of epic proportions, a gay dude with pink hair. Big swords. A killer hat. A tiny ancient vampire that is utterly fangirlable.

Also, some random panty shots and hentai-ish moments, but nothing that really is unforgivable.

It's awesome.

So, yes. Pimpage. WATCH Black Blood Brothers. Now. It's on Youtube. Search for it. It's WONDERFUL.

So far, the only place it has lost points with me is for a few scenes where I can't quite tell whether it's taking itself seriously or not.

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Hajime no Ippo/Fighting Spirit: The Best Anime You've Never Heard Of [11 Sep 2006|03:01pm]

[ mood | PIMPIN'! ]

Posted this on my own LJ awhile ago. Forgot to post it here. Remedying that now. ~_^

I want to tell you about the anime I’m watching now, my new shiny. It’s got everything -- humor, drama, suspense, excellent character development, yaoi hints *and* kindasorta canon het.

It’s called Hajime no Ippo, or, in the version that’s been commercially released by Geneon, Fighting Spirit.

Never heard of it? I’m not surprised. This anime is all but invisible in America, despite the fact that the manga version of it is something of a minor institution in Japan -- it’s been running continuously since the late ‘80s. The only reason I heard of it was because mistr3ssquickly saw it in her anime club, fell in love with it and sent me the files.

So What's It About?Collapse )

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Makoto Shinkai [11 Jul 2006|11:31pm]

i'm one of his biggest followers right now, i vowed to collect and watch every single one of his projects. he is just too amazing, and he deserves a lot more credit than the little attention he's receiving now.

some of the people who do recognize him consider him as "the next Miyazaki". as much as i'm a loyal fan of the master himself, in terms of art i would dare say that Shinkai surpasses Hayao Miyazaki on that level.

see for yourself.
i have no doubt this video clip will leave you nothing short of breathless...

5 Centimeters Per Second .:25MB

he singlehandedly made a brilliant award-winning very moving 25-minute piece (Voices of a Distant Star) a few years ago. two years ago he made a full-feature length film (Beyond the Clouds, A Place Promised in our Early Days) boasting astounding animation which was also received very well. this is his latest project.

(Visit the official site @ 5cm.yahoo.co.jp)
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Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo [奥さまは魔法少女] [01 Jul 2006|03:32pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

I got into this anime a few weeks ago, and it's one of the cutest magical girl animes I've ever seen.

It is literally translated as "My Wife is a Magical Girl."

I opened bewitched_agnes, a community for it, where I have also uploaded all 13 episodes fansubbed to Megaupload here.

It is a magical girl series, and is a little ecchi, so I would say it could be rated around PG13.

Here is a short summary I wrote:

Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo is a cute anime about Asaba Ureshiko who is actually a magical girl called Agnes Belle. (Hence the name of this community.) Agnes is getting too old to be a magical girl. The next magical girl who is supposed to take of the town Agnes loves is Sayaka, a.k.a. Cruje. Agnes wants to protect the town and the magical girl in her, but time is running out!


I am very bad at writing summaries. xD;;

One of my favorite things about this series is that Inoue Kikoku does the voice of Ureshiko, and also sings the ED theme "jewerly." (In my opinion, the OP theme "Home & Away" isn't as good.)

Also, Shimizu Ai does the voice of Sayaka (Cruje) and does a very good job. :DD

This fandom is absolutely minute. xD; So if you're looking for something cute and short to watch, give Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo a try. ;D

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Pimping? [26 Jun 2006|02:08pm]

Wondering if this is okay... If not, then please feel free to delete, lovely mods. Not sure if this community is still active, either. But I'm gonna try, anyway.

Promoting nihon_made, a multi-fandom RP. And I'm looking for Dear Boys characters. Big need for them. The only character taken is the one you see on the icon, which is Ishii Tsutomu. I'd really like to have, at least, the rest of Mizuho. (Especially Aikawa Kazuhiko and Fujiwara Takumi). I'd love you even more if you gave me some of the rival teams. (i.e. East Honmoku, Narita Oosaki Tech, etc., and you get even more ♥ from me if someone apps for Sawanobori)

The RP also allows characters from: Prince of Tennis, Get Backers, Initial D, Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club, Bleach, just to name a few. It basically allows most series that take place in present-day Japan.

I encourage you all to at least take a look at it. And if possible, apply?

x-posted liek whoa
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Peacemaker Kurogane [24 Jun 2006|03:55am]

[ mood | tired ]

Also goes by Shinsengumi Imon Peacemaker by Kurono Nanae. The 24-episode anime was released by ADV Films. Its manga sequel is also published by ADV. Currently 3 volumes are out. Volume 4 WAS supposed to come out in August 2005, but the b******* at ADV still haven't released it! AND THEY STILL HAVEN'T LICENSED THE MANGA VERSION OF THE ANIME!

Anyway, our story focuses primarily on 15-year-old Ichimura Tetsunosuke and his older brother Tatsunosuke. Their parents were murdered by some xenophobic pyromaniac from the Choushuu group (Oh yeah... Did I mention it's 1864?), and (Wow. If you think about it, the series already sounds pretty interesting =D) Tetsu decides to join the Shinsengumi to hunt him down for revenge! Tatsu already works for them with his almight ABACUS! Yes, that thing that's sort of like an ancient calculator.

Anyway, at first he is refused. The person against Tetsu joining (other than Tatsu, who's worried about his safety) is the Vice-Commander Hijikata Toshizou. Who bears an eerie resemblance to the guy who killed Tetsu's parents (they're different people, though). Hijikata is VERY MUCH against it. He even kills several men (and a woman) in front of Tetsu to show him that if he joins the Shinsengumi, he will have to become a demon. After proving his determination by sitting out in the rain all night, the Commander Kondou Isami decides to let him join- as Hijikata's page! XD

Tetsu soon meets and befriends (in a sense) Kitamura Suzu, who is page to the Choushuu guy! Who's name is Yoshida... Toshimaro? They got off on the wrong foot LONG before finding that out.

Kurono-sensei herself says that PMK isn't all that historically accurate, but who cares!? It also features Captain of the 1st Unit, Okita Souji! See that guy in my icon who says "Jimmy Who"? That's him.

It's also got Nagakura Shinpachi (the guy with the bandage), Harada Sanosuke (the guy with the scars), Toudou Heisuke, Yamazaki Susumu, Yamanami Keisuke, Sakamoto Ryouma, and (you guessed it!) Saitou Hajime! Though PMK!Saitou is different from RK!Saitou from what I've heard (I've never seen him in RK). He's less psycho and more creepy.

So please check PMK out! Maybe if it gets more fans, ADV will release volume 4!

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[21 Jun 2006|04:23pm]

I'm new here and I come with a anime called Avenger. I found that it literally has no fans. Under the cut with pictures. 

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The Twelve Kingdoms (Juuni Kokuki) [29 May 2006|01:47am]

ah, what is it with these anime that i watch lately.

Twelve Kingdoms is one of the best i've seen yet again. i could go so far as to say that it is the Japanese/Asian counterpart to J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings or C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia. it's that sensational. the music, man, it's one of the best things i have ever heard in the entire music industry. it's so touching it could move you to tears on the spot. even just by the Opening theme, the music will already sweep you into another world. (what a coincidence, the ED was performed by the same blind singer who sang both OP and ED for the other anime great, Infinite Ryvius.) the art and animation department doesn't disappoint either. the costumes for each of the kingdom's royalty are so exquisite and detailed.

unlike most anime which adapts from manga, this one came from a series of novels by Fuyumi Ono. i think one of the best strengths of the anime lies in how well it was able to describe and explain to the audience how this alternate fantasy world works, one that is pretty complex. it's interesting enough to keep you hooked and wondering as to how the other kingdoms and their rulers fare, because politics is always a volatile thing.

there's also one other thing that has me strangely drawn to this anime, and it's the relationship between the king or queen to his respective Kirin. the Kirin is an elvish-like creature second to the kingdom's ruler yet at the same time he (or she) bears an authority higher than the king's or the queen's because it is actually he who chooses the ruler since the Kirin is a holy creature representative of the Heavens.

my only issue with this series is that it abruptly stops at episode 45 when the series was slated for 68 episodes. it's because Ono hasn't finished with all the novels yet. be that as it may, the series is still pretty outstanding especially with one major arc that ends at 39. hopefully a completion of the series will be seen in the near future.
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Infinite Ryvius [13 May 2006|06:39pm]


(26 well-paced episodes of sheer emotional stress)

i think that this time i'm right in saying that this has got to be one of the badly underrated shows ever. so much that because this show is really very good, people (anime fans especially) should know about this, but like i said, only a handful seem to only be aware of this wonderful series.

this anime takes the cake, the pie, the trophy, the prize, hell even the kitchen sink on character development. you get really really immersed into the story and get yourself involved (i was literally screaming at the monitor) and feel for the characters. when i was watching it (i only finished it last night) i was so concerned for their plight and what happens to the story.

Infinite Ryvius is like William Golding's "Lord of the Flies" in space. for those unfamiliar with the critically acclaimed book, it's about kids (students i think) left to their own devices with no adults left (they all perished) to supervise them after they got stranded on an island. IR takes place on a mysterious spaceship after they abandoned a disintegrating space academy. i really appreciate how this series mirrors society and how it shows anarchy and chaos. IR is beautiful for all the different character interaction and the relationships between each character. i also think it has one of the most satisfying romances too, the way the love between two certain characters blossomed and how it held out against threatening elements was beautiful to watch. IR also offers what i think to be some of the best characters in the whole of animedom: Airs Blue and Neya to top them. and it's funny cos this Blue guy was someone i expected more to hate in the beginning but then really grew to like in the end (it was more like, it was a "relief" that he was around). Neya was a big relief too.

the character designs are familiar, they're by Hisashi Hirai who also did Scryed, Gundam SEED, Gundam SEED Destiny and Sokyuu no Fafner. i actually think the Gundam SEED series borrowed some concepts from this series.
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"Victorian Romance Emma" [08 May 2006|07:08pm]

This is such a great idea for a community! ^.^ I hope it's all right that I just jump right in and pimp something...

..and just because I love it to smithereens, I'd like to pimp Victorian Romance Emma (or "Eikoku Koi Monogatari Ema") please!

(Lovely spoilery screencaps from some of the 12 episodes here; rather sparsely populated but still very enthusiastic LJ comm at emma_fan. Excellent almost-complete scanlations, done by iichan before the manga was licensed in the US by CMX, here.)

A sweet little romance set in Victorian England between a housemaid named Emma and a wealthy upper-class gentleman named William, defended bravely against the restrictions of class differences and social convention--that's basically it. Against the odds, two young and innocent people dare to fall in love.

Though the story itself may seem plain, it's the details that bring it all wonderfully to life, and the overall effect--well, at least on me--is utterly endearing. Everything is deliciously understated, but no less attractive. The art in the anime and especially in the manga by Kaoru Mori is beautiful. The music in the anime, by Kunihiko Ryo who also made the music for Twelve Kingdoms, is also quite special! The characterization is rich, not just for the main characters but even for the supporting cast. In just 12 anime episodes and (more vividly) in 52 manga chapters, you really get to see Wills and Emma grow as persons and as lovers, and discover just how and why those around them respond to this daring relationship.

Recommended to those who appreciate a good, well-paced, sedate (but never boring), and subtly rich romantic series that never uses histrionics to worm its way into one's heart. ^.^

If anyone wants any more information on Emma, please go right ahead and contact me! ^.^
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"WTF SHE'S BACK" [03 May 2006|04:51pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Lawls. Yes, it's me again. You remember me, Aelita? I pimped out Monster by Naoki Urasawa last time, today I have an anime called Read or Die for you all. (It's often shortened to R.O.D, even in the manga title, but for coherancy, I will be calling it Read or Die.)

Yomiko Readman loves books. She loves books so much that she gained the ability to control paper with her MIND just so she could recover a rare book.

... I shit you all not.

Yomiko Readman is The Paper - a secret member of the special operations divison of the library of England.

.. It's a very diffacult series to explain. Just go read/watch it already!

Though note - The manga has a different plotline then the anime. Yomiko only appears in the OVA of the anime, not the anime itself.

If you're intrigued, then check here [http://cupped-expressions.net/rod/dream/]!

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Noir [29 Apr 2006|02:28pm]

Now, this girl is L33T.

(26 episodes, drama/action, dark sometimes disturbing themes)

this anime is about assassins and their dark pasts, but the thing here is that girls are the main stars. (it didn't devolve into a tacky show servicing fanboys and i was already too happy from that.) Mireille, a successful assassin stationed in France gets a mysterious e-mail from a Japanese girl asking her to go on a "pilgrimage to the past". Mireille decides to ignore it until a haunting tune attached to the e-mail plays music that reminds her of traumatic scenes from her childhood. she goes to Japan and meets Kirika who turns out to be a skilled young assassin herself but has lost her memory. Kirika seeks her help to find out who she is. Mireille agrees with the condition that she will kill her (for knowing her identity i suppose) once everything becomes clear.

this anime is... amazing. amazing for how well done it is. a really elegant and impressive piece of work the Japanese have come up with. it was a dead serious, no nonsense kind of show that was pieced together so well, everything fell into place and made sense. by the time you'd realize that, the show has won you over. the tone may be as dull and blank as the protagonists' (and antagonists) faces, or dark during critical times, the pace slow, but most of the time you'll be catching your breath from being awed at the slick action sequences and stylish gun fights (not to mention the major plot twist and climax). at one point my insides were pleading, "make her eyes go back! make her eyes go back!" i was that affected ^^= (Episode 6: Lost Kitten tore my heart completely, out of the blue...)

PS. the music (the ED put me in trances more than once) is in a league of its own too.
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[28 Apr 2006|10:19pm]

[ mood | PIMPING GO ]

Hello, hello! I am Aelita, and I am new to this community. Pleased to meet you all. The anime/manga I have for you today is called Naoki Urasawa's Monster.

[ hurry, hurry Dr. Tenma! the monster inside me is about to explode! ]Collapse )

To make a long, rambling story short - Monster is an awesome manga, that easily latches onto your head and really makes you wonder. Nothing feels too cheesy or comical - there's a very serious, overarching tone to the story that I enjoy. Nothing is played up too much, but nothing is easily forgettable. The characters are rememberable and hysterical, but also reach out and touch your heart in a way I've never seen any character do. Character death is well done in this series - and there's a lot of it, trust me. Those who do not like gore and blood will find this series a 'no'.

But! If you like a mysterious, supsensful thriller of a series that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page of volume 18, then I sincerely recommend Monster, by Naoki Urasawa!

And, in case your thinking "What, no free anime?", here's a link to the online manga:

Have fun, kids.

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Finally.... [19 Mar 2006|08:19am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Finally I stumble accross a community that is devoted to lesser fandoms. And by lesser I do not mean lesser quality, but lesser quantity!

Its nice to know that I'm not the only one to find certain animes appealing and its also nice to know that not everyone follows the same trends that seem to be smooshed down our throats at every turn.

Before I start my pimpage, I'm a little curious as to what animes fellow comm memebers are currently watching and will forever love:

Here are my top ten fave underappreciated series: (you can expect some major pimpage from any of them, I'm sure)

1. Decendants of Darkness
2. Vampire Hunter D
3. Samurai 7
4. Najica Blitz Tactics
5. Pretear
6. Black Jack
7. Paranoia Agent (yes, I know this one was on Adult Swim for a time and the info page states that those on Adult Swim aren't really underappreciated, but I have yet to find more then one active comm for this totally awesome and, in my opinion, completely underrated series)
8. Canidate for Godess (another adult swim reject, sadly)
9. Darkside Blues
10. Angel Sanctuary

Also, are we allowed to plug underappreciated/underrated manga too?

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ULTRA MANIAC [16 Dec 2005|07:04pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

Anybody here a lover of Ultra Maniac?

Anyways, I just want to advertise ulmaniac_rating, an anime rating community of Ultra Maniac. Please do join! ♥ We haven't got enough members yet... :(

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